Smart Plans Work



Things are either easy to do, or easy not to do! The same rules apply to following a plan.

You can either go through life following ineffective, dumb plans OR you can choose to invest your time into a plan based on real-world experience and logic!
This is what we call, Smart Work Ethic.

The truth is, no matter how hard you work on a dumb plan, it will never get any smarter, or more effective for that matter.
Steve believes one of the biggest mistakes made by most novice fitness enthusiasts is following dumb plans. Plans that defy logic and based on simply mindlessly following what other people are doing in gyms, or some popular trend on social media.

To dig a little deeper into why some people succeed in their gym efforts and why others fail, we have to look at the individuals minde-set.

Take a look at all the successful people in the World, whether they are music artists, actors, sporting heros. What do they have in common? They walk to the beat of their own drum, they do not simply copy or follow others. Yes, they are “Different”.

Success does not come from following the masses, because history has proved that success comes from being unique, acting different, thinking out of the box.

Steve learned a long time ago, much through trial and error. That simply following what others do can most often lead you further away from your personal goals. The Aesthetic Bible addresses not only the fundamentals of resistance training and optimum nutrition, but also the important of creating a winning mind-set.

Before you can conquer your body, you have to learn to let go of your ego, and learn to apply a long term, logical approach to health and fitness.

On top of Steve’s highly popular Hardcover Book The Aesthetic Bible, he has also created a downloadable ebook titled “Mind Champion” that covers 12 vital steps to achieving any goal you set your heart on.

To Order Steve’s Aesthetic Bible or Mind Champion visit the link below.

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