Steve Jones Bodybuilder age 13

Steve at Age 13

Steve began his journey under the guidance of his Dad at the age of thirteen. He knew he had found his calling as soon as he picked up his first barbell. It would soon become the most rewarding and fulfilling experiences of his life.

Steve Jones Bodybuilder age 25

Steve at 25 Years of age

Steve at his prime. By this point in time Steve had learned to tap into the powers of smart work ethic, enabling him to fine tune his aesthetics and go on to win and place in a host of Bodybuilding competitions.

Steve Jones Bodybuilder 51 years of age

Current Photo of Steve

One of Steve's philosophies on the art of physique creation is longevity. He believes there is nothing that comes close to the Bodybuilding lifestyle for maintaining a vibrant, healthy mind and body well into your fifties and beyond.